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A Better Mug? What About a Better Pencil!

Today our club met and welcomed new members with an opening pitch to get them acquainted with the club. Last time we met we gave everyone the task of brainstorming a design for The Best Coffee Mug Ever and we wanted to see how newer eyes would react! We had everyone share their cool/wacky ideas and all the leaders began to critique the ideas! We are so happy with the participation and are glad everyone had an amazing time!

Task for Next Week:

Next Week we are going to build off of the things we learned doing our first official pitch. Together as a group we will practice ways to make the pitch more enticing to a people, and methods of brainstorming on the fly. For this exercise the leaders will ask random questions on members' ideas to help them better think on the spot! This will be again fun and informative! Can't wait to see you all there!!!!

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