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Big News and Big Wins!!!!!

We have some big news!!! We are so happy to announce that our club member Akshith Pulgam qualified for the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) through winning the Grand Prize from the local Detroit Science Fair!!!!

It was so much fun to see Akshith's original rough idea take shape into a very practical and important product. What I liked about this whole process was the fact that there was collaboration through our club members to further elevate Akshith's idea. Before it was just something that would warn the user, but through collaborating we realized it would be a good idea to also inform an emergency contact through email. Working together opens the path to make a good idea into a fantastic one. Akshith learned a lot of valuable knowledge for future endeavors involving programming and electronics, and that is just as valuable as the win, if not even more!

He did something he was passionate in and had a lot of fun doing it. He didn't know he was going to win, but it didn't matter because he learned a lot!

This was more science oriented but Akshith made himself stand out further by mentioning the business strategy of the product. In my opinion this made is stand out even further from the competition. This club has always been a Business and Science club and this is the perfect example to show how well they blend together!

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The plan next year is to hopefully get more people to participate in the Detroit Science Fair, with projects that suite your interests!


Another Big News is recently Akshith's pitch became part of the "2021 Top 100" pitches from the Blue Ocean Competition!

Out of 482, Akshith made it to the top! This year the Blue Ocean Competition had the most participation ever, from people all over the world! We are so happy to see one of our A-Z members make it to the next round of the competition!!!! Crossing figures he makes it further! What is important though is he learned a lot, and it actually helped him with other seemingly unrelated competitions!

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Last Club Meeting Recap (3/9/21)

Thanks for everyone coming to the meeting on Tuesday! We talked about some examples of great Business Men and Women and described ways they innovated their industry. We also highlighted some examples of scam-artists and how their businesses inevitably failed!

See if you can spot some patterns between the success stories and the failures!

See you all Tuesday, I am so proud of you guys!!!

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