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Participant Show and Tell!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

With the end of the both the Blue Ocean International Competition the Cooper Hewitt National Design Competition we had time today to showcase all the cool projects people in the club did! I tried to show as much as I can but unfortunately with the Cooper Hewitt we aren't allowed to publish the drawings until the results of the competition are provided. Hope you enjoy their projects, they worked really hard as you can tell!!!

Also there will be many more competitions to participate in the future, so feel free to get inspired by these!


Heart Glove - Akshith Pulgam

Every year thousands of heart attacks occur during snow-shoveling, leading to hundreds of deaths. This results from a combination of strenuous arm exercises and low temperatures, which the body responds to by narrowing arteries, creating a recipe for a heart attack. Heart Glove uses a heart sensor, temperature sensor, LCD screen and RGB LED to alert you when you are at risk of going into cardiac arrest. In the future it will also include emergency contact messaging services, so other people can check on the user in the event they are unresponsive.

Check out his Video Pitch!


Emergency Treadmill - Ashmit Deb

My design to help decrease many casualties from heart attacks during exercise is to have a camera on a treadmill. During the time you are exercising the camera will scan you and will look for any symptoms of potentially having a heart attack. If the camera finds major symptoms it will contact the nearest family member and inform them.


I'm so proud that people were able to compete regardless of the hardships of the pandemic, hopefully more of you guys join in next time!!! If you weren't showcased please let me know and I'll add you to the post ASAP!

We wish those of you that participated good luck!!!!

See you all next week A-Z!!!!

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