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A Business Plan...What's That?

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Today during our club meeting we discussed the importance of having a Business Plan and how it plays a major roll in a pitch. What we realized is that many people in there pitches don't highlight the intricacies of their business strategy. We realized that an investor, or judge, will be more passionate about the product if they understand that you have nothing to hide. The trick is though to not confuse the investor with a bunch of technical terms. We will practice how to remain causal and knowledgeable, to find a middle ground. This will make it easier for someone to follow your idea in the short allotted time. Please look over the document and use it as a backbone for your pitch. The Business Plan is meant to act as a guide so feel free to add, subtract, and innovate it!

We also discussed the past projects and different styles of pitching an idea, but we will go more in depth next week. We plan on to watch our older pitches and critique them to find out what worked and what didn't. Stay tuned!!!

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