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Bed Time!? How about Research Time!!!

Today club members were asked to implement some research to back people's ideas. They had 15 minutes to find a source related to sleep problems and then create an elevator pitch on it. It was so cool how creative people's ideas were!!! One person had an interesting idea to use scent and music to make it so the mattress could help a person achieve the right amount of relaxation when sleeping. Another wanted to take advantage of light as a way to help someone sleep using warmer and colder colors. We are so proud of everyone's awesome ideas, and are happy/excited to get more advanced with our pitches as time goes on.

We also briefly discussed our Ebay fundraising strategy for new members and what it entails, but we will focus more on that next meeting!!!

Thanks for joining us on this journey A-Z!!! See you all next week :) !!!!

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