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Competition Outline!

Hey everyone! Today we went over the national/international competitions we are planning to compete in this year!!! Don't panic, the deadlines are close to the end of February! You will notice that some put more of an emphasis to the product rather than the pitch so please look them over carefully!

Here are the links to them:

The main discussion we had today was the importance of creating an outline for your pitch. In our experience writing out the flow of an presentation helps for one to realize what aspects should be focused on the most.

Someone asked us when would be the "deadline" to change our ideas and I would Say Feb. 5. But if you are in that predicament I think it would be best to build-off of the previous idea rather than starting something completely different. Find what works best and what didn't to make somethings new/better from that! Be adventurous and do something that will help you learn something new!!!

Again feel free to look at the past blog posts for the past pitches, the business plan, and the tips we covered pervious sessions.

Great Job A-Z!!!

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