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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

We are hard at work as the deadlines come closer! The past two meetings were used as work days for people to get further in their projects. Today at the beginning we decided to showcase some of our projects. Akshith explained his prototype using an Arduino to measure the heartrate and temperature of people shoveling snow in order to alleviate the risk of a heart attack or stroke, as Pictures above. How it works is that if a threshold was met it would make a buzzing noise and display on the LCD screen a warning. It was super interesting and I am happy that it is quickly taking shape!

A notable moment for me personally was when Jeremy suggested that Akshith could take advantage of the Arduino Uno to make it so it can send an emergency message to 911 and an SOS for family members. This is the importance of collaboration!!! Sometimes a good idea is clouded until someone with a different perceptive comes in to brainstorm. Akshith plans on implementing Jeremy's suggestion!

Right now I would like for everyone to start finalizing their ideas and begin to prepare for the competition! Utilize this upcoming 4 day weekend, that will definitely help to make a dent on your projects!

For the Blue Ocean Competition you need to implement the Blue Ocean Strategy which is very similar to out Business plan, with a few minor differences. I linked some very helpful sources to make it easy for you guys to mesh both! Please Register for the Blue Ocean Competition ASAP (separate from the submission process) as they will send some helpful materials for you with your pitch!

Also we recommend to work simultaneously on the Blue Ocean International Competition (Feb. 19th 8:00 PM deadline for pitch submission) and the Cooper Hewitt National Design Competition (Feb. 22th 11:59 PM deadline for design/write-up submission).

Click The Bullets Below to Watch Some Very Helpful Videos/links:

Video Help:

Currently there are a few approaches to the pitch (feel free to do whatever suits you):

  • Utilizing any screen recording software (I recommend OBS) on a slide show (PowerPoint also has a built-in screen recording software, and simple editing tools)

  • Live action and presenting in front of a TV screen

  • Live action and editing in videos or images

  • Video edit using Movie Maker for Windows PC or iMovie for Mac.

Don't feel tied to doing it in one take, sometimes cutting your presentation into bits makes it sound way better and more concise!

Great Job A-Z!!!!!

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