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Introductory Meeting for A to Z During the Pandemic!

Today on Google Meet we had a "Week 0" meeting discussing how the club will operate during the pandemic this year! Along with some fun business activities to ease people in on how we will do group discussions!

We mentioned the transition towards online National/International business competitions such as "Quarter Zero Cup" and the "Blue Ocean Business Competition", but made sure to preface if the pandemic begins to show signs of improvement we may try to compete in in-person competitions like "Start-up High School"!

Later in the presentation we talked about possible ways for us to do virtual volunteering and how our fundraising strategy for the PTSO will still work perfectly fine during the pandemic! We also mentioned how we plan on having more guest speakers during the pandemic! If you have any people you know that will be willing to present to the club please reach out, it would mean a lot!!!

Finally we talked about different ways to brainstorm ideas! We gave everyone a few minutes to create a rough idea using our three main methods: Starburtsting, Brain Writing, and Rapid Ideation! And then challenged them to pitch their idea to us!

This was the prompt! If you missed the presentation feel free to share your ideas with us when we meet again! Some of our favorite ideas was a mug that regulates the heat of the coffee, so it is always at optimal drinking temperature. Another one was a mug that changes color depending on the temperature of the liquid so when its is hot the mug is red, when it's cold it's blue, and when it's perfect temperature it is yellow. Try and see what you guys can think of!!!

At A to Z we want people to know we are here for them during this pandemic! If you ever need someone to talk to or help with brainstorming we are always here for you guys! We are still figuring out when clubs will have time to meet virtually this year, but we will always be here if you need someone to talk to!!!

Stay Strong and we Hope you all are doing well!!!!

----- We are so proud A to Z

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