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Swimming with the Sharks!

Today we watched an episode of Shark Tank! The premise of the show has people pitch their ideas to venture capitalists to hopefully get an offer! This show is great for getting an idea of strategies to pitch, as our competitions we participate in are very similar in nature.

There were many great examples for club members to get an idea of what one should and shouldn't do when pitching their ideas to a venture capitalist. We had people that were too offensive and defensive. But also great examples of what a successful pitch looks like!!!

Together we learned the importance of sharing ideas to people as they can tell you whether it is good or not, and ways to improve it before it is too late!

If you missed Club today here is the link to the episode we watched:

You can find more episodes when you look up "Shark Tank Pitches" on YouTube!

Next week we will be presenting the slide we created that defined our problem of interest and shows 5 possible ways to solve it. Please look at the last blog post for more information/examples!

See you all next week A-Z!!!!

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