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We Successfully Raised Money for the PTSO During the Pandemic!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

This is the second year our club raised money using eBay to sell unwarted commodities to people that want them for the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)! We are happy to report we have raised $1656.54 during the pandemic. This is a $1,279.54 increase from last years $377, and this is because we streamlined the process and made it easier for club members to sell items. Thanks to everyone in the club we were able to give the money back to our school! This is such a great contribution to the PTSO because during the pandemic Ann Arbor Publics Schools spent a lot of money for student supplies, and this will hopefully help them with more purchases! Again we are so proud of everyone that made this possible, and we are super happy that we could help out Pioneer!

If you would like to Support the PTSO visit our eBay Account:

It's great that during the pandemic we all came as a collective to help our school and I as well as all the leaders are so grateful!!!

Here are some pictures of some of the many Listings!!!

Good Job A-Z!!!!!!!!

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