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Recap, Materials, and Inspiration!!!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Hi everyone today decided to break down our old pitches and critiqued them to help you guys understand what worked well and what didn't. The formulation process is hard, but by seeing different forms/styles of conducting a pitch will hopefully help you find your footing. Here will be links to the videos we went over today. Hope you guys get inspired!

Our Old Pitches:

  • Start Up High School Pitches (2019-2020): Click Here

  • Start Up High School Pitches (2018-2019): Click Here

Use these as a means of reference to see what works and what doesn't. What is cool with these videos is you can see the progression of our pitching abilities.

If you guys have any questions pertaining on the creation process of the pitches feel free to reach out to us!!!!

Great Job A-Z, see you all next week!!!

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